1.ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: All electrical items come with a 30 day warranty, unless stipulated otherwise in writing. All electrical items are replacement warranty only, NO REFUNDS given on electrical items. All other items are 3 months parts replacement only.

All warranties are parts only, in the event of a warranty claim “the company” will not be held responsible for any consequential loss or damage, labour, towing, loss of income or down time. Due to failure of any parts sold. The warranty duration on all engines, transmissions & engine components is three months, with no exceptions.
3.Engines, Gearboxes, Differentials: Warranty will be void and no claim will be recognized where such failure has occurred due to;

a) Incorrect or lack of lubricant or fuel b) Overheating or tab missing c) Failure to carry out proper maintenance d) Un authorized repairs, Alterations or Dismantle. e) Improve installation and / or application f) Accident damage, overloading or misuse.
Engines are sold long bare, any accessories supplied are for your convenience only, If you chose to use our accessories, they are not covered by warranty and may or may not be suited to your vehicle, we recommend the transfer of your existing accessories, and we are not liable for labour costs for the transfer and or warranty on these items.
In the even of a claim “ The Company” reserves the right to recover any costs involved in dismantling, inspecting repairs, out-of-pocket expense and freight charges.
In the event of a dispute, a agreed mutual third party may be obtained to dispute the claim.
7.”The Company” will not be held responsible for any verbal or implied representation.

8.All claims must be accompanied by a official receipt.


a) No returns after 7 days. b) Not returns on cut sections. c) Any special buy ins, will not be accepted for credit. d) Any parts dismantled or pulled apart are void of all return or warranty claims. e) All Special Order Items are NON returnable.

10.FREIGHT: Interstate and international freight can be arranged on behalf of the customer. Note that good are deemed to have left our possession and the customer is deemed to have taken possession after the good have

Left our premises via, freight companies. B) Left our drivers possession.
As such any goods in transit to the customer are the customers responsibility, this includes freight costs, insurance etc etc. Returns will only be accepted if the item is returned to our premises, freight is pre paid unless prior arrangements are made with ‘the company’ who will ultimately sign make the final decision on choice of freight company and/or charges incurred.

11.Panels: Panels are sold as inspected, the onus is on the buyer when purchasing panels based on colour, no colours are guaranteed to be a perfect match, choice of colour is the full responsibility of the customer, returns due to wrong colour are done so at the buyers expense,

Panels and interior parts are sold as inspected, the responsibility is up to the customer to ascertain the correct make, Model and body type, ‘the company’ will not be held responsible if the incorrect information has been given, Panels and interior parts will only be accepted if returned in the same condition as it left our premises and within the 7 day return limit.


By installing our products, you release Troubles Wrecking / Just Jeeps from

Labour, towing and or any costs due to failure of any parts supplied by us. b) You agree to our seven day return policy as of the date stipulated on the invoice.
To protect your warranty you agree to do the following and understand failure to do so will void all any warranty given.

Radiator and cooling system to be flushed ( receipts of this doing will be sufficient proof and asked for upon any warranty claim)
Renew all belts (timing especially), hoses, radiator cap, spark plugs, oil and oil filter, Timing belt snap is not covered by warranty.
Diesel – Injectors and injector pump to be serviced and fuel filter to be replaced.
Wrong Diagnosis of vehicle faults strictly results in a non refund or a non returnable item, especially electrical items, other items may come under a consideration credit note, but that is at our own discretion.

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